Wanli Tongbao character story spends money - tired of winning money, cast in the Ming Emperor Zhuzong (1573 - 1620) years. In the 47th year of Wanli’s reign, according to historical records and information, the people lived and worked in peace, and the politics, economy and culture were quite developed. It was the peak period of the Ming Dynasty. At this time, the official did indeed cast a large amount of money in Wanli Tongbao Township and Wanlitongbao--too much money.


On the positive side, the four words of “Wan Li Tong Bao” are very powerful. The distribution of the money and land chapters is beautiful, and the four patterns in the production are clear at a glance according to the traditional Chinese culture and customs. The circular pattern symbolizes the national warmth under the sun; a lotus flower lotus figure shows the noble national customs; the fish pattern - the ancient people used the fish as a mascot, and there are fish (Yu) every year, indicating that the nation is diligent spirit. The Chinese knot and the god rope are constantly in contact with each other, and the metaphor is the unity of the nation.


  On the back, the palace, characters, scenery, and landscapes cast on the upper and left sides of the money body, from the analysis of the clarity of the pattern, it can be considered that the workmanship is very refined and ingenious. The three-person pavilion on the right side is quietly read, and the left side of the four-person hall is outside the hall. It is like talking and buying and selling. The lower end of the 7 people, wearing an official hat, wearing a long gown, leaning on the head, holding the belly, walking, shoulders and objects, each one, the design is natural, vivid, pleasant and pleasing.


In the Ming Dynasty, Wanli Tongbao spent a lot of money to succumb to winning money and overwhelming the money. In the heyday of China’s casting and dissatisfaction in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the number and variety of the number were more than any previous period, and the shape of the money was also overwhelmed. The line became a fixed pattern. Guan cast money occupies a considerable proportion, and folk casting may have become a specialized industry. It has a special market for people who are tired of winning money. People can go to the workshop or the money-making bureau to buy at any time according to different purposes. The use of it has become a part of the folk activities. As a non-essential item, the money is not a common currency (sometimes used in circulation coins), but it has a high cultural value.



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